Lead pastor

Rev. Aaron Bolling

Meet Pastor Aaron, a dedicated leader who has a passion for preaching and building close relationships with his congregation. With years of experience, he guides his members on a spiritual journey while also cherishing valuable moments spent with them. Join him and experience the warmth of this faith-based community.

Music minister

Logan Chunn

Logan Chunn is a highly talented Music Minister who is passionate about bringing people together through music. With his exceptional leadership skills, Logan strives to bridge the generational gap and create an inclusive music experience for all.  

Youth pastor

Rev. Stephen Miller

Rev. Stephen Miller, a devoted student minister, has a deep passion for sharing God's story with youth and building meaningful connections with parents. Through engaging and relatable discussions, Together we aim to guide and inspire the next generation of believers. With a heart for ministry, seeks to bring God's love and truth to others.

children's minister

Dalton Thornton

Meet our incredible kid's minister, Dalton Thornton, who has a passion for sharing God's story with children and connecting with parents. He has a knack for engaging kids through storytelling and interactive activities, while also creating meaningful relationships with parents. Your child will be in great hands with Dalton Thornton


Gloria Hartfield

Our church is blessed to have Gloria, who has a true passion for serving our community. She goes above and beyond in ensuring the smooth operation of all church activities and events. Her selflessness and tireless efforts are greatly appreciated by everyone. We are truly grateful for her commitment and devotion to our church.


Jennie Sue Holliman

Jennie Sue is a kind-hearted and hardworking woman who takes pride in serving our church. Her love for the church and its members is evident in the way she diligently looks after the cleanliness and maintenance of our sacred space. With her attention to detail and unwavering commitment, she ensures that our church is always welcoming and well-cared for.